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Adults and ADD/ADHD

Undiagnosed adult ADD/ADHD is one of the most common causes of conflict in the couples I see. Spouses complain about a variety of behaviors that often can be traced back to an undiagnosed attention deficit disorder. These complaints can include failures to finish household tasks, forgetfulness, procrastination, work performance problems, losing track of appointments and belongings, inability to relax, anxiety, disorganization, short attention span and irritability. Now, to be sure, these same symptoms can also be related to a variety of other concerns, such as depression, but I have found that there are many cases in which ADD has been one of the core issues.

Many adults who have gone undiagnosed, often suffer from significant, private fears of failure and worries about their performance. They have long recognized that they work differently from other people, but they don’t understand why. They notice they tend to procrastinate and are often working under enormous time pressure. Many highly successful people have ADD, and it is not an obstacle to success- in fact, it can contribute many positive dimensions- IF you have learned effective coping strategies to make sure YOU are the one on control!

Cognitive-behavior therapy can be very instrumental in adding tools to your toolbox. I utilize a coaching and collaborative approach to help adults (as well as teens and children) learn to establish strategies that work for them. It is a highly individualized approach- we are each different- but there are many techniques that can add to your productivity, success, and efficiency and reduce unnecessary anxiety regarding performance.

Our work will include learning more effective problem-solving strategies, reducing distractibility, improving organization, enhancing positive self-talk and self-coaching, reducing worry and procrastination, stress management training, improving communication, dealing with uncomfortable feelings, being a better listener, and creating strategies to overcome obstacles, among others.

Cognitive-behavior therapy is a very effective approach to working with ADD/ADHD. A qualified, Licensed Clinical Psychologist can be a valuable resource. Please contact Dr. Risa Sanders for more information at (703) 919-1959. 

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